Post-Exam Season To-Do List

You’ve finished exams! Congratulations! Chances are you’re pretty tired and maybe a little lacking in Vitamin D from all that time in the library… Well, not to fear, I have some suggestions of a few activities to get you back to your pre-exam, non-sleep deprived self!

  1. Remember that placed called “outside”? Get out there! Soak up that Vitamin D! Sit outside in the sunshine with your friends. Go for a walk. Either way, don’t make too strict plans and if you can, give yourself a full day to just go with the flow.
  2. Along the same lines, remember “nature”? Change your mind space by getting out of your house and looking at plants. Go to Allan Gardens Conservatory or Cloud Gardens Conservatory… Look at these beautiful leaves!

    Allan Gardens. August 2016.
  3. Make yourself some food! Maybe you’ve been eating a lot of frozen pizza lately and that’s OK, but your body would probably love some greens. If you’re looking for some healthy inspo, check out my other post: Nourishing Your Body: End of Semester Recipes
  4. Be selfish! Need a day to just chill out? Maybe binge watch your favourite show for hours and hours? Do it! You deserve it.
  5. Did you have amazing professors this semester? Write them a “thank-you” note! Professors don’t often get them and, like anyone else, would appreciate your positive feedback! Here’s some cool advice on writing thoughtful “thank you” notes… Lemony Snicket’s Thank-You Note Advice
  6. Go on a “photo safari” – which is what my dad calls walking around town with the sole purpose of taking pictures. I love this activity because I get to see my favourite parts of town in a new light OR get to discover a new part of town! Toronto is huge and I’m always discovering something new…
Sugar Beach, Toronto. August 2016.

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